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prototype, community participation, persons with disabilities, Impact Incubator

Providing a platform on social media for persons with disabilities to showcase their talent


This venture will provide a platform for persons with disabilities (PWDs) to unleash and showcase their talent. PWDs will be engaged and groomed to be key opinion leaders (KOLs). Videos will be produced and broadcasted on social media. Income will be generated from advertising revenue. At least 5 KOLs with different disabilities will be engaged and developed.

The project will help motivate marginalised groups to explore and develop interests and talents into strengths and personal characters. It will also create opportunities for them to gain not only confidence and self-efficacy but also exposure and job opportunities.

The project will contribute to social inclusion by promoting a positive change in the perception of the general public towards PWDs and by reducing stereotyping.


Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

6 months (Ended)


  • Recruited and trained seven PWDs as KOLs
  • Arranged two video shooting activities for the KOLs


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