start-up, job training and opportunities, low-income families, Impact Incubator

To develop and launch online job-matching platforms targeted at low-income single parents



The venture owner Genie Staffing Limited proposes to develop and launch a customised mobile application cum web-based job matching platform "GenieME" to help low-income single-parents seek employment more efficiently, effectively and economically.

GenieMe is a location-based platform by which users can search for jobs nearby based on physical location. GenieMe will use an iMatch algorithm to match jobs with suitable candidates. Job seekers will receive notifications on preferred job posts. A web-based platform is added for those who prefer using a computer for access.

To meet the needs of low-income single-parents who are usually less tech-savvy, GenieME will provide user-friendly features to help them prepare digital CVs and record interview videos for employers' reference.

The venture will partner with NGOs, Employees Retraining Board centres as well as community centres to reach out to single-parents.


Name of Organisation

Genie Staffing Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1.5 years (Ended)


  • Revamped and launched the Genie website and mobile app
  • Posted about 900 jobs on the job searching platform
  • Created nearly 3 000 profiles of job seekers of target beneficiary groups
  • Processed over 6 800 jobs referrals and matched over 22 400 work hours
  • Organised three career workshops with 90 participants from low-income families
  • Collaborated with eight NGOs to organise recruitment day and educational workshops