Good Harvest Maintenance Services

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Providing apprenticeship and job opportunities in home refitting and repair work for persons recovered from mental illness and ex-offenders


This venture will provide persons recovered from mental illness and ex-offenders with relevant training to help them become qualified electrical technicians and craftsmen under the Qualifications Framework, thus enhancing their competitiveness in the job market and chances of integration into the society.

During the training period, the trainees will offer small-scale home refitting services to the elderly or persons with disabilities (PWDs). Service recipients will be eligible for reduced service rates if having financial difficulties.


  • Click on the image below for a video featuring the venture, produced by a team of young people under the Social Innovation Short Film Sponsorship Scheme.
Good Harvest Maintenance Services

Name of Organisation

Bright Services Co. Ltd.

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2.5 years (Ended)


  • Recruited and trained 35 persons recovered from mental illness or ex-offenders as trainees/clerical assistants; 11 of them were recommended for attending certified training courses
  • Provided over 680 times of home repair services, including more than 500 times of discounted services to the elderly/ PWDs
  • Provided over 100 times of repair services to elderly/PWDs centres which benefitted over 390 elderly/PWDs
  • Trained one trainee as assistant tutor of home repairing classes