prototype, healthcare, persons with disabilities, Good Seed

Transforming a smartphone with a mobile application to become an intelligent hearing aid for the hearing-impaired


This venture offers a cost-free alternative to traditional hearing aids which may be charged as high as $3500 each. The project team has developed a new algorithm to improve the performance of a smartphone in screening out background noise. With an existing smartphone duly installed with the algorithm, a hearing-impaired user can connect it with a wired earphone for hearing purposes in lieu of a traditional hearing aid.

The team will continue to look for improvement with regard to volume and timbre, as well as to develop a Bluetooth earphone suitable for serving as hearing aid. In a longer term, revenue will be generated by sale of the Bluetooth earphone. The estimated price will be under $800 each.


Name of Organisation

CHEARS Technology Company Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


  • Engaged 54 elderly in product testing and user research
  • Developed 3 noise suppression algorithms to improve user experience
  • Enhanced the hearing aid mobile application (available in iOS and Android versions)
  • Completed a design for the Bluetooth Earphone to be used along with the mobile application