Aquila Brothers

prototype, education and learning, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Training and life coaching to help young people set up online businesses and achieve self-enhancement


This venture provides training and guidance to youngsters on starting an online business. Participants will form teams of three to develop their businesses in a one-year programme. Every team will learn and practice necessary skills such as market analysis, business strategy, accounting, sales and promotion through a series of workshops. The business idea of each team will be reviewed regularly and refined as needed.

In addition to gaining practical knowledge, participants will also develop their interpersonal skills and a positive attitude, particularly on how to embrace challenges and learn from failure.

It plans to recruit 4 mentors to train up a total of 18 young people. The team will collaborate with social service agencies to identify and recruit trainees.


Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Recruited and trained 18 underprivileged youth to launch online businesses
  • Improved the self-confidence, interpersonal skills and sense of responsibility of the participating youth


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