Community Bazaar Project

scale-up, food, low-income families, Impact Incubator

Training and support for grassroots food stall owners on business operation and online marketing


With the support of the SIE Fund, Concern For Grassroots’ Livelihood Alliance Limited rolled out a start-up project in 2017. The project aimed to provide consultancy services to NGOs and other organisations on organising community food bazaars, as well as to train the grassroots to be stall owners to enhance their self-sustainability. Through organising food bazaars, the project also sets sights on promoting local bazaar culture and fostering community networks. Over 10 food bazaars were held during the funding period.

From experience gained from the start-up project, the project team noticed that grassroots food stall owners had insufficient knowledge about legal requirements, marketing, electronic money, and how to operate and sustain a business, etc. Therefore, the team proposes to scale up the project, recruiting the media company “HK01” as a partner. The project will provide relevant training to the grassroots food stall owners to build up their capacity. It will also assist them to promote and sell their services/products on online platforms so that they can earn a stable income through extended sales channels.

The project team will continue to provide consultancy services to NGOs and other organisations and hold food bazaars in different districts. Schools talks, community tours, workshops and corporate social responsibility programmes will be held to introduce and promote local food bazaar culture.

Name of Organisation

Concern for Grassroots’ Livelihood Alliance Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To arrange training and activities for 400 grassroots stall owners
  • To organise 31 food bazaars in 10 districts with over 300 grassroots stall owners expected to participate


(To be updated when available)