OHH Dear Communications

scale-up, job training and opportunities, elderly, Impact Incubator

Engaging silver-aged models to provide one-stop marketing solutions while promoting active ageing



OHH Dear Communications Company Limited established the first "silver-aged" model and marketing agency in Hong Kong with the objective of promoting active ageing through engaging elderly to provide modelling service.

Riding on the success of the start-up project supported by the SIE Fund in 2017, the team proposes to expand the business from modelling service to a talent agency cum media firm. It targets at providing integrated one-stop solutions for advertisers and marketers on top of the existing senior modelling service. The venture aims to amplify the social impact on advocating active ageing and promoting an age-friendly environment.

The new initiative consists of a talent hub and a media platform. "Silver-aged" talents from diverse backgrounds will be recruited and given professional training in modelling, social media skills, etc. The trained talents can then provide modelling service as well as deliver project-based marketing service for online media. A lifestyle-oriented online platform targeting at the silver generation will be launched. The platform will offer digital media service and one-stop marketing solutions to corporate clients. It will crossover with young and up-and-coming YouTubers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), bloggers and youth organisations to co-design cross-generation contents.

Name of Organisation

OHH Dear Communications Company Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Active)

Expected Impact

To provide job opportunities to 62 to 67 elderly people and to enhance their social engagement


As at February 2021:

Talent Hubs

  • Engaged 27 Silver Models from the existing team and generated nearly $1,020,000 from 113 modeling jobs
  • Equipped Silver Models through 27 hours of training related to drama, and mobile and digital photography

Media Platform

  • Launched an online media platform "50Plus Hong Kong", which aimed at providing lifestyle news and information specialised for young-old and was comprised of a Facebook page, Website and YouTube channel.  A total of over 17 000 followers/ subscribers was recorded
  • Produced 70 articles, photos and videos promoting positive and active ageing as well as mental health

Publicity and Network

  • Received 27 interviews from local media
  • Completed five public relations projects, four campaigns and attended 10 community/public online/offline events
  • Collaborated with YWCA to provide two pro-bono catwalk training sessions for an inter-generation catwalk show