OHH Dear Communications

scale-up, job training and opportunities, elderly, Impact Incubator

Engaging silver-aged models to provide one-stop marketing solutions while promoting active ageing



OHH Dear Communications Company Limited established the first "silver-aged" model and marketing agency in Hong Kong with the objective of promoting active ageing through engaging elderly to provide modelling service.

Riding on the success of the start-up project supported by the SIE Fund in 2017, the team proposes to expand the business from modelling service to a talent agency cum media firm. It targets at providing integrated one-stop solutions for advertisers and marketers on top of the existing senior modelling service. The venture aims to amplify the social impact on advocating active ageing and promoting an age-friendly environment.

The new initiative consists of a talent hub and a media platform. "Silver-aged" talents from diverse backgrounds will be recruited and given professional training in modelling, social media skills, etc. The trained talents can then provide modelling service, take part in different events on behalf of the brands, as well as deliver project-based marketing service for online media. A lifestyle-oriented online platform targeting at the silver generation will be launched. The platform will offer digital media service and one-stop marketing solutions to corporate clients. It will crossover with young and up-and-coming YouTubers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), bloggers and youth organisations to co-design cross-generation contents.

Name of Organisation

OHH Dear Communications Company Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

3 years (Active)

Expected Impact

To provide job opportunities to 143 elderly people and to enhance their social engagement


As at February 2020:

Talent Hubs

  • Engaged 23 Silver Models from the existing team and generated over $400,000 from 50 modeling jobs

Media Platform

  • Conducted market research (i.e. competitor analysis) for the development of an online media platform
  • In February 2020, launched an online media platform "50Plus Hong Kong", which aimed at providing lifestyle news and information specialised for young-old, and was comprised of a Facebook page, Website and Youtube channel

Publicity and Network

  • Received 11 interviews from local media with an estimated advertising value of around $0.6 million
  • Completed two public relations projects, a video campaign, a digital campaign and attended three community events. The video campaign recorded around 0.7 million viewership
  • Collaborated with YWCA to provide two pro-bono catwalk training sessions for an inter-generation catwalk show