Mama Deli

prototype, food, people of diverse race, Impact Incubator

Production of Halal meals by non-ethnic Chinese women who use their cooking talents for income and self-esteem


In view of the underemployment of non-ethnic Chinese women and scarcity of suppliers of Halal meals for non-ethnic Chinese students in Hong Kong, the venture proposes to recruit non-ethnic Chinese women as part-time chefs to prepare Halal meals for non-ethnic Chinese students. Adopting the concept of shared kitchen, it will partner with a restaurant to use its idle kitchen during non-peak hours for food production.  It will also apply for Halal certification.

The venture aims to increase the income and enhance the self-confidence of non-ethnic Chinese women by offering them job opportunities which unleash their cooking talents in preparing Halal meals while addressing the catering needs of non-ethnic Chinese students.

Name of Organisation

Hong Kong Christian Service

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1.5 years (Ended)


  • Recruited 12 women from diverse race to participate in the preparation stage of Halal meal boxes production as volunteers. Nine of them were hired as part-time staff and trained for producing Halal meal boxes
  • Sold over 690 Halal meal boxes to around 230 students from two schools in Kowloon and youth participants from an NGO
  • Collaborated with Co-cooking HK for renting its kitchen for producing Halal meal boxes