Free Periods HK

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Providing quality reusable menstrual products to low-income women for free while promoting menstrual hygiene

Low-income women may find the expenses on disposable menstrual products each month a financial burden. To save money, they may defer the replacement of used disposable pad/tampon. This may lead to health problems.

The venture proposes to provide high-quality, durable and reusable menstrual products, including cloth pads and menstrual cups, for low-income women to relieve their financial burden. A buy-one-give-one business model will be adopted. Revenue generated from selling cloth pads and menstrual cups will subsidise free reusable menstrual products for low-income women. Education workshops will be held for low-income women when they receive the menstrual products in order to raise their awareness of proper menstrual hygiene and promote the usage of reusable menstrual products.

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


  • Recruited and trained 7 low-income women as cloth pad makers
  • Offered reusable menstrual products to 59 low-income women and conducted educational workshops to relieve their financial burden and raise their awareness of menstrual hygiene