CP2Joy System

prototype, education and learning, persons with disabilities, Impact Incubator

A software programme utilising joystick and voice recognition tool to help persons with severe disabilities use computers with ease

Persons with severe disabilities or cerebral palsy patients often encounter difficulties in using the computer. Because of limited muscle control and coordination, they have to spend more effort in using the keyboard to input characters and in controlling the mouse to drag and drop objects.

The venture targets to develop a new software programme by which the users can use a joystick and a voice recognition tool to control the computer. The programme will make use of the speech recognition technology to identify and execute the vocal commands given by the users.

The venture aims to enhance the easiness and efficiency in using the computer by persons with severe disabilities, thus facilitating their learning and working.

The venture will reach out to rehabilitation centres and special schools to arrange trials of the system and to collect users’ feedback for improvement of the software programme.

  • Click here to learn more about the "Hong Kong Social Innovator" behind this venture.

Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

10 months (Ended)


  • Recruited three students with disabilities from two special schools to test the prototype system
  • Recruited 30 persons with disabilities to conduct system trials and collect their feedback on system features
  • Consulted occupational therapists on their professional advice in using the system and made subsequent system enhancements
  • Conducted briefing sessions for seven organisations/special schools with 100 participants
  • Followed up with one organisation which has indicated interest in procuring the system