Opportunity Bank – Pathway Portal for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

start-up, community participation, people of diverse race, Impact Incubator

Setting up an information platform and supportive network to address the needs of people of diverse race


The venture aims to build and launch a centralised information platform to collate opportunities and resources for people of diverse race in Hong Kong. Through a collaboration model with different service providers, corporates, funders and schools, the platform seeks to push for greater transparency and accessibility to information, gradual development of the landscape of services, better identification of service gaps for people of diverse race and more efficient allocation of resources to fill the gaps.

The initiative has three major components, namely an online information portal, an Ethnic Minority Interest (EMI) Network with different stakeholders and a signature event to showcase the cultures of diverse race and raise public awareness.

Income will be generated from providing consultancy services to kindergartens with non-Chinese speaking students and advertising of jobs, products and services on the online portal.


Name of Organisation

The Zubin Mahtani Gidumal Foundation Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

3 years (Active)

Expected Impact

  • About 30 000 visits to the online portal will be attracted
  • Income of at least 90 and 15 people of diverse race will increase after attending upskilling workshops and seeking better job opportunities respectively
  • About 60 non-Chinese speaking students will be able to apply for and be awarded scholarships via the information posted in the portal


As at June 2021:

Online Information Portal

  • Developed 4th iteration of the online portal and 2nd iteration of the backend customer management system and registration system. Record over 13 600 traffics
  • Launched the mobile app in March 2021
  • Recruited 10 000 people of diverse race as Opportunity Bank members
  • Made nearly 1 700 job referrals for people of diverse race. 138 persons of diverse race have been successfully matched with paid jobs/ internships

Offline EM Interest (EMI) Network and Other Activities

  • Held 11 physical/virtual EMI Network Meetings and two Scholarship Fairs for over 440 participants
  • Organised nearly 400 upskilling training sessions for over 350 students
  • Promoted the programme to nearly 330 Muslims/Sikhs via one-to-one conversation, and held seven talks at Mosque/Sikh temple for around 300 participants
  • Held 78 sessions of school talks online for over 1 280 participants


  • Conducted special training programme for 144 scholarship applicants
  • Lined up with funders and awarded scholarships to 84 students