SEN Students & Parents Self-Help Technique Development Scheme

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A training programme to develop the self-help techniques of children with special education needs


Children with special education needs (SEN) require additional and special supports such as counselling or therapy services. However, existing services are not sufficient to cater for the enormous demand.

In view of this, the venture will hold self-discovery learning workshops for families with SEN children which enable the children to develop self-help techniques to improve their self-behavioural control and communication skills. To facilitate family members to provide continuous support, workshops will also be held separately for parents to develop their techniques in helping their children practise at home.

LEGO will be used as the key teaching tool in the workshops to let SEN children express themselves with fun. Children will be able to understand abstract concepts more easily with the use of LEGO bricks as well.

The venture will approach schools and parent-teacher associations to introduce the scheme.

Name of Organisation

Minds On Consultants Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Approached over 90 secondary and primary schools in various districts and parent-teacher associations
  • Conducted two parent workshops for 15 parents
  • Conducted three family workshops for 20 families
  • Conducted 18 student workshops for 52 students


(To be updated when available)