Kabaddi HK – Multicultural Integrated Action

prototype, community participation, people of diverse race, Impact Incubator

Providing professional training and experiential classes on the sport Kabaddi to promote cross-cultural understanding




The venture aims to promote social inclusion by introducing Kabaddi, a popular sport in Southeast Asia, to Hong Kong. Kabaddi is played as a contest between two teams of seven each and its name originates from the Indian Tamil word which means holding hands.

Experiential classes for young people of diverse race, their families as well as corporates will be organised. In addition to playing Kabaddi, cross-cultural sharing activities such as tasting of South Asian food and appreciation of art and language of different races will be included in the classes. Youngsters from non-Chinese ethnic groups and local underprivileged families will be recruited and trained as ambassadors or assistant coaches to help in the classes.

To enhance multicultural integration, the venture will form a Multicultural Kabaddi Team with young players of diverse race. It will organise professional training courses in Kabaddi for young people interested while sponsorship will be provided for selected ones to acquire overseas professional qualification of Kabaddi coach and referee.

  • Click here to learn more about the "Hong Kong Social Innovators" behind this venture.

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Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Organised 87 times of activities including Kabaddi Community Experiential Classes, Kabaddi Parental Experiential Classes, Kabaddi School Experiential Classes, Kabaddi Inclusion Experiential Day, Kabaddi Professional Physical Training Classes and Kabaddi Corporate Experiential Classes for 4 115 participants. Among the participants 913 were non-ethnic Chinese
  • Offered 341 sessions of part-time jobs to non-ethnic Chinese or local underprivileged youngsters
  • Recruited 18 local underprivileged and eight non-ethnic Chinese youngsters to be ambassadors
  • Assisted 11 local and two non-ethnic Chinese youngsters to obtain overseas qualification as Kabaddi coach
  • Collaborated with Hong Kong Kabaddi Sport Union to establish a Kabaddi team with players from Hong Kong, including two non-ethnic Chinese players, and arranged the team to attend an overseas competition