SIE Fund’s projects turn
each dollar of grant
into $2.7 worth of social impact
More stakeholders partake
in benefitting society
bolstering the social innovation ecosystem

Head of the research team, Chair Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of The University of Hong Kong Professor Paul Yip, pointed out that the first study affirmed the Fund’s adoption of an innovative approach for poverty alleviation. In addition to providing funding for innovative projects, the Fund has also put considerable efforts into building the capacity of social entrepreneurs and establishing platforms to create bigger impacts out of social investments. The second study conducted by the research team last year indicated that innovative projects supported by the Fund turned each dollar of grant into $2.7 worth of impact for society, which enabled innovative ideas, products and services to effectively cater to social needs and resources to yield higher value. (full article in Chinese only)


(Extracted and translated from an article published on am730, 21 June 2022)

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